Monday, June 15, 2009


Why can't I ever have any money when something good comes up?

So close, yet so far away.


CT said...

Oh! I'm so sorry! LOL! isn't it awful when you really need something but cannot have it... for lack of something SO MUNDANE as ahem... money?

If I win the lotto, they are yours! LOL!

Thomas said...

Well, maybe you should say thank you when someone gives you something really nice. Like a Durinal.

Joe S.R. said...

I did, but I don't think the Monastic Diurnal was something I was suppossed keep, it's something I have to give back eventually.
And I miss the new office. By force of habit, I still say some the psalms according to the new vulgate,and I'm forced by time to shorten lauds to fours psalms.
I'm grateful, very much so, I would just like to get back into my old rhythym of prayer.