Wednesday, June 10, 2009


The internet was out for a while, hence a lack of posting. We had a huge storm yesterday. I mean, hugue. Thunder strong enough to shake the house and put out the lights. Ginger hates storms, and spent most of the day hiding under my bed. 

I started drawing a picture of my original character for my possible manga. You know, I bought some real manga paper so that I don't have to draw my own margins. The proportions are kinda off. Cobbs Creek unfortunately did'nt happen. Dad was'nt feeling good, so we stayed home. We'll go another day, but it's not the same. The creek was swelled by the rain, and it was a perfect 73 degrees outside today. I got some time to get back to BWV542 today. It's extremely difficult. I can barely manage the third voice of the fugue, so it'll take me a good few months to get it down. ake rig

I really want some cake right now. There is'nt any though. There are waffles though.

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