Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Colin Mawby

I'd literally kill to study under him. Man is a genius, real genius. Proof? his popular setting of the Ave Verum Corpus. (Another version here.) I first heard of him when the aforesaid motet was sung at my parish two years ago on a Sunday in ordinary time. The parish choir sings other works of his, (I beleive we got this on Mary, Mother of God, this past Christmastide) and I'm happy about that. Another link, Easter music. I would love this at the easter vigil. God willing, someday I can write modern sacred music like he has.

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Pamela said...

Some 30 years ago my daughters were in Colin Mawby's chilren's choir at Sacred Heart Edge Hill Wimbledon. Colin got excellent results training those young voices. The memory of a fan fare he wrote for them based on a Psalm still rings in my ears. A great composer and gentle man.