Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What? he's like Who Now?

Oh, he's like God. I did'nt catch it the first time, sorry. Without being a prophet of doom and a megalomaniac. is it okay if I remind you all that I called this somtime last fall? 

Now, I could try to be objective and say that it's all just a mistaken idea based on poorly chosen words, and I'll accept that, but either way, it's a little much to say that this man, however important he may be, is like God. But then again, considering his moves for big government and constant government intrusion on the private sector, he could be likened to a verison of the hyper calvinist deity: always intruding on every little bit of everyone's life to make sure that everything goes exactly the way he wants it to be, so there are not real trangressions of his law.*

*This is a political post, so yes, I will exaggerate theology to make a point.

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