Monday, December 21, 2009

Advent IV.

Well, technically that was Advent III, but anyways....
I spent my weekend at The Monastery last weekend. I helped to set up a nativity scene on the roof of the porch (which, by the way disappeared under the two feet of snow we got over the weekend.) after vespers (which had the O antiphon and magnificat sung in it's original language to the gregorian tune. I wonder if they know that they're using the Clementine Vulgate version of the magnificat and not the Pauline Nova Vulgata?) and dinner, I went with Br.Dominic to see Fr.James, Fr.Matthew and brother David practice for the high mass (Which, if you don't mind me plugging again, is a solemn high mass, Hayden Mass in Bflat, with the long version of the gloria.) Seems like it'll be even better than last year, with a procession, station and collect (Again, like they do Here.) before the mass. The next morning, after the Saturday salve and mass at Lourdes, I had a short class on spiritual direction with Fr.Joseph. I spent most of the rest of the day working the office chants for Christmas day. Fr. Joseph, the cook, and I trudged through the snow to Lourdes for the anticipated mass, and not counting me (Because I was serving) there was a grand total of five people in the church when mass started. The numbers grew to twelve by communion. I went home after vespers and dinner. (And spent most of Sunday shoveling snow, spreading salt, and trudging to Walgreens to pick up prescriptions.)

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