Wednesday, December 30, 2009

No, you have'nt made a mistake.

I'm trying out three different templates for the next nine days or so. (I found the link for them here. Thanks sir!) (Oh yeah: Go there! When I get my links and stuff back up, he'll be there.)
Feedback is appreciated. I'm actually not too keen on going back to a light text on dark background, as I find it hard to read, but you take the bad with the good. Besides, there's two others.

And can I thank*whoever's responsible for making me think that this operating system does'nt open compressed files without WinZip, when It does? And can I thank the creator of one of the templates I was going to pick,but who did the HTML wrong and neither my brother or I** could fix it? (And he makes templates and Gaia profiles, so he knows quite a bit about coding.)

*Totall no0b at coding, so yeah, the Undertstatement of the Year and all that.

**Insert Kanye West/Taylor Swift interruption joke HERE.

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