Thursday, December 10, 2009

Guess what!

The President still does'nt know what he's doing.

Wow shock! Apparently after snubbing the Brits, giving horrible and vain gifts, greeting heads of nations with undue respect (Then denying it), and then there was thing with the Pope, he still hasn't learned basic diplomacy.
Isn't it common courtesy to have lunch with someone who's giving you a gift when they invite you, let alone a head of state who's giving you a prestigious award?He's snubbed the very people who are giving him the award in the first place by canceling dinner with the prize Committee. And it gets worse: He's even looked down on an exhibition in his own honour.
This really isn't a surprise. The American people voted in someone who they knew didn't have the experience to be president, something that was shown within the first months of his presidency when he began recapitulating the failed government and military expansions and overspending of the Bush era with extreme prejudice. One would hope that he might akcnowlege that he hasn't really earned a prize for peace (Something the nation will acknowledge for him.) Indeed,if anything, He's demerited it by his policies .
But I suppose he's got some super-secret really good reason for accepting it.

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