Monday, December 14, 2009


(My vesperal for Advent)

I've been meaning to make a recording of myself singing Sunday vespers, for critique and observation. So far, there's been a problem every time. But I'll either try one of the O antiphons this week, or vespers next week.


Anonymous said...

are these from the 'old' liber... or from the antiphonale monasticum post Vatican II?

Joe S.R. said...

Some (Which ever ones are in the old liber, and all five are usually included)I take from the liber. For any "new" antiphons, I use a simple system to set the melodies from the liber to the antiphons of the Liturgia Horarum.(I have to change accents though.)
I don't yet have access to a copy of the antiphonale monasticum