Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Though, apparently not for the Holy Father. I wonder if it was the same lady as last year?
With the pope walking round down on the ground like that, among the crowds, this kind of stuff is an inevitable evil. Oh well, there's nothing that can be done about that. (except for the Solution that Must Not Be Mentioned.)I just sang first vespers (among much distraction. Thanks mom and brother.) I spent most of Monday and Tuesday making garlands for the house (Only real greenery will do! Besides, since the pine,boxwood,and holly come from Cobbs Creek, it's free.) and I spent last night and this morning cleaning and hanging decorations. I decorated my home altar after None, with a gold tablecloth, the usual four candlesticks, and two candelabras. Minus the votive lites, there's 12 candles there. And I have two vases with pine, holly, red and white roses, paperwhites, red poppies, and some little white berries. (I'm avoiding poinsettias this year at all cost.)
And I just heard the choir at King's College, Cambridge, singing Advent Lessons and Carrols on Sirius. Gawd, it's awesomeness X2. The
I'll say matins at home, and be at Lourdes for the procession and high mass at 12:00 midnight.
A guy from Verizon was suppossed to come today to install a new line, but never showed. So around three, my dad called Verizon to find out why. Turns out, the man came past at 8:30 A.M. (And I was up at 7) to see if he fing the electrial box. He saw that my neighbor's dogs were in the lot nextdoor, and so he left without talking to us or even letting us know that he came by. Wow. What happenned? Did he see dogs and say "Goody! Now I get the whole day off! Sure, I could knock on the door and see if the box is even back there in the first place, then go through the house to the backyard, but that would take, like, effort."

P.S. :

Here's your festal music:

In Dulci Iubilo
, S.Karg-Elert

Solemn Vespers, Brompton Oratory.

O Magnum Mysterium, Tomas Luis de Victoria

And the piece de resistance, the great one, the long-waited for thing:

Kyrie, Missa 'O magnum Mysterium'
, T.L. de Victoria. Sung by Westminster Cathedral Choir, my favorite Catholic choir.

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