Tuesday, December 1, 2009

How to have a double standard.

In four easy steps.

1) See a really bad policy of a president you don't like.

2)Criticise it, and call for it to be rescinded.

3)See the same really bad policy from a president you like

4) Say nothing and pretend it'll go away.

This, of course, is'nt totally true though.
Some democrats and former supporters of the Obama administration have been totally honest and turned back on him (Even Michael Moore.....sort of.) We are'nt seeing the same outrage and disgust that people of all persuasions had under the Bush administration, not yet, but at least the left is learning that their boy is pretty good at back-peddling on campaign promises and repeating Bush-era policies (with extreme predjudice!) While keeping up the semblance of having, well, basic governing skills I guess.

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