Sunday, September 19, 2010


I have a new pair.

Of course, by 'Cans', I mean Cans. I lost my best pair to stupidity (Let my older brother use them, he threw them around/generally did'nt take good care of them) and one side is missin the pads. It still works just fine, nothing wrong with the sound, but without the pads, they're uncomfortable. The last pair I bought, which were from the same company but a different model don't sound quite the same. The bass can get fuzzy, though they have been improving and getting better with time.

While I was out, my brother bought me a new pair of headphones as a consolation for breaking my best pair. I hinted at the Sony ones I've been hankering for, but they were not in stock, so I got a similar pair. They're the same style: Open supra-aurual,dynamic, but with a lower frequency. They're still okay, but they do suffer from the same occasional fuzziness. The plus is that they're much more comfortable than my circumaural ones.[/audiophile]

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