Monday, September 13, 2010

Fits and Starts.

Why does it seem that whenever I try to seriously read anything, it only happens in fits and starts? I have books that I got months ago, of which I may have read only a little more than half of them before getting distracted and going two or three months without reading anything, and then suddenly, being inspired, pick three of four books which I'll read for the next month, and then forget for another two or three months.

I'm back to slowing down on manga again. Part of it is'nt my fault,since Onemanga went down, and I don't have the ability to stop by borders and read it for free anymore. Comics are also too far away, all the stores being in Centre City, or Rittenhouse Square, or somewheres about there. Yes, there's Mangafox, but I'm still getting used to it. I had all my series on Onemanga bookmarked.Not just the series itself, but even the pages of the last chapter I had read. Now, since I've cleaned those out, I have to find where I was.

And speaking of manga series, why is there such an ungodly amount of ecchi and shonen ai fancomic adaptations of Oofuri? There's nothing to note. It's such a simple and innocent series, why do that to it?

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