Friday, September 24, 2010

*Prepares to do something stupid.*

I'm ordering some 12-16mm coral and aventurine beads, to make the stereotypical medival rosary. I can't find any bone beads, or even white beads that are plain, round, and 15-20mm. I could also use plain glass or pierced silver, but those are hard to find. So for now, I'll just have to take apart my green agate and glass beaded rosary to use the glass gauds for the new one.

Also, I'm investing in some flexwire, since it's been recommended to me.


Bb said...

You mean you have you prepare to do stupid things? It seems to come so naturally to me - almost effortless, in fact. How I envy you!

J.Samuel Ross. said...

It's nothing to envy, really. It usually means more of a waste of money and a greater sense of disappointment. Though, sometimes there are times when I fail so fantastically that you can't help but feel a bit of wonderment or even humour. (Like the time I spent a week preparing a dessert for my school's spring potluck,only to leave it on the bus on the way to school.)