Tuesday, September 21, 2010

More markers.

On Saturday, my brother and I went out on a fruitless search to find a suitable movie to watch. Saturday,of course, would have been my father's 45th birthday had he lived. Instead, we just walked about and spent time together. We had lunch at a burger joint, and then I went to Blick to pick up some stuff. I needed a replacement black marker and white pen and ink.I also picked up two new shades of pink, one new shade of blue, and two new shades of grey. The new greys are light, which is what I needed. It's quite hard to get greys to gradate properly when you're working totally with dark and medium greys. (See how This and This came out for a visual.)
I'll need time to work first. I've been so consumed with my dad, with life in the friary, with school, and my mother and siblings that I've not had any time to do any art. D:

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