Sunday, September 19, 2010

Ritual Notes.

For the 25th Sunday of the Year. Choir season has begun, so I'll have to get started on these (Though I'm sure that 0.000001 percent of people who come across this place have any remote interest in them)

Anyway, either it was providential or planned, but all but one of the hymns sung at mass today were either written by Anglicans, former Anglicans, or were sung to tunes written by men who composed for the Church of England. (Eg.,Parry) Those hymns were Lord, You Send the Great Comission (to 'Rustington'), Draw Nigh, and Take the Body of The Lord (to Coena Domini) and the National Anthem, Holy God, we Praise thy Name (To 'Grosser Gott', with the repeats, naturally.)
There was something else, but I forget what it was. Everything else was standard ordinary time music (Orbis Factor, credo II, etc.) But it was nice to see a the gospel and the final blessing that the second chant given for the versicles was used. I like those a lot better than the common tones, but we almost never use them. Also, our community superior, Fr.Matthew celebrated the mass today. It's the third week in a row that he's celebrated the 10:30 Latin mass. <3

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