Friday, September 10, 2010

Shel Silverstein.

The greatest poet who ever wrote children's rhymes. I still have a store of various rhymes by him in my head, which is probably a thing to be ashamed of, but when you're forced to watch anklebiters like I was in high school, having a store of entertaining stories and rhymes in your head is a good asset.Especially when in a snowstorm, the power goes out and you're stuck with the most energetic and talkative of the five.

Though I suppose, mentioning Shel Silverstein as an adult can have some, umm, negative connotations.You mention that you have things by him memorised, and people either thing that you suffer from some sort of mental deficiency that keeps you as a child, or that you're disgusting for having read his, uh, Alternative literature.Yeah, alternative is the right word.

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