Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Time for me to break ranks again.

I agree with the Holy See.

This whole issue or Koran burning offends me. I think it's because of the fact that, unlike quite a few of the people who are considered the face of American conservatism, and unlike most conservative and traditional Catholics, I believe in Tolerant Conservatism. I have failed to be convinced of the 'Error has no rights' brigade and resort to oppressive ideals and intolerant laws to propagate the truth.

Destroying that which is sacred to someone as a protest against them, their beleifs, or the beleifs pf their system never does any good. To seriously accept or excuse the burning of Islam's holy books leaves one in the position of having to accept and excuse those who profane the Blessed Eucharist, our Blessed Lady and the saints, the pope, and above all, the most Blessed name of Jesus. For these are as holy to us Catholics as the Koran is to us. If the sight of the burning of a book of the gospels fills us with righteous anger and dread, why should anyone think that it is fair to do similar acts to another? Even should those others be Muslims?*

If anything, you would think that any logical person would see that intolerant and inflammatory acts, as well as America's imperialism, add fuel to the fire that it Islamic terrorism. These sort of things only serve to incite hatred, violence, and anti-American propaganda.

So yes,I'll break ranks and be the one traditional Catholic and political conservative that can't approve what passes for activism among today's conservatives.

*Let's see how long it is before a get a comment/email from someone mistakenly thinking that I'm sympathetic to Islam/ think it's valid. Shouldn't be too long.

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