Monday, September 20, 2010

My life has been fulfilled.

That's it, right there.

That is it.

I have spent my life since fourth grade trying to find it, and today, rather, tonight, I finally found it.

"It", is 'The MushroomCenter Disaster.' It is the first book I ever read to myself, having gotten it from the school library when I was only in second grade. I loved it, but was'nt able to finish it before I had to return it. Not too long later, in fourth grade, I wanted to read it again, but could not remember the title. Since, then, I have been on a vain search to find out what they book was called so that I could finish it. years of library searches were fruitless, inquiries with former teachers gave no results, and a visit to the school in sixth grade only showed me that some evil donor had donated a whole new,renovated library. My book was gone, along with all the others I read back then, because rather than rating on content, they chose to get rid of books based on when they were published or when they came to the school, That book, having been published in 1974, and come to the school in 82' was deemed out of date and given away.

But there, I had another clue: Not only did I know the plot, but I now knew it's publishing date. Still,Google searches only gave me results of cookbooks and recipes using mushrooms that were produced in the 70's.

But today, absolutly needing to know the book for an important English assignment (10% of my total grade) I did a new search: I simply typed in "Children's book, guest mushroom". In the story, the main character, a traveling beetle, wants to stay in the town, but there are not hotels or houses available. He finally finds a boarding house that allows him to stay "in the guest mushroom". I distinctly remembered that one line from the book, that one exact quote. And my search proved successful.
This was my result, a journal for elementary English teachers. I poked around further, trying to Google the phrase "Only the guest mushroom was available", but with no luck. Then It dawned on me to do a search on the volume: I simply searched "Guest mushroom", and my result was This.

At the top, you see it: The title of my long-lost book.

I googles the title, and lo and behold, there is the cover that I knew! The little mushroom houses, he tall grass, the dull sky, there was my book! And further, you can see that the book is available online, so I can read the end.

But actually, I think I won't do so. I don't want to spoil it. I think I'll just read up to the part I let off, because who knows, the end might suck, and I'll be disappointed. We can't have that. I've already lost the innocence and beauty of Shel Silverstein, I don't want to loose this as well.

And yes, I expect everyone who reads this to think that I'm immature or have some sort of mental problem. Well, if you haven't figured that out about me until now, there's no hope for you! (Seriously, remember Shoopie?That video from a while ago? Yeah, that.)

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