Friday, September 17, 2010

*Shameless self promotion*


Is a video of the (onerously long) procession into the Cathedral for Cardinal Rigali's 25th anniversary of his ordination to the episcopacy.

Since Cassock Day has'nt happened yet, and won't happen for a long while,all the new men (The guys at the front of the procession) are still in black suit. The cassock'd and surplice'd guys get cut off after a short while, so the awesomeness of the great and large group of people there gets slightly dampered. Oh Well.

The music you hear playing at the beginning is the Cathedral's awesome and shockingly qualified new organist and choir master. (Playing on the cathedral's 80-something rank Austin.) Really, he's probably the only guy I know who I'll put on the lever of Latry and Couchereau becuase of the amazing improvisations he did during mass, including a rather nice toccata at the end. The choirs were also beautiful, including a wonderful chamber choir that sang a motet after the ablutions. (Which I'll get to later) I'm waiting to hear the Cathedral choir, but with his credentials, (Besides multiple degrees and having trained at the best choir school in the U.S., he worked at the National Shrine in D.C. , and we all know how famous their fine organ and professionally trained choirs are.) I'll be shocked if they're not knock-your-socks off good once again!

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