Friday, September 10, 2010

This is why I'm not a liberal.

“You talk to 50 young people who would refer to themselves as Catholic and you’ll get 50 different versions of Catholicism, which is brilliant. It’s fantastic actually."

Actually, it's a shame. This is my biggest problem with these sort of people. I cannot accept the idea that "Catholicism" is simply a word which any person can define to mean whatever they feel like it meaning. A Catholicism that can mean anything is utterly and completely without meaning. It means nothing to say that you're Catholic if there's no definition of what Catholic means. In the mind of modern Catholics, that is the case. "Catholic" does'nt really mean anything until you give it a meaning. You can call buddhism Catholic, and for all purpouses, in the mind of these people, you're right.
It's this sentiment that was the beginning of my conversion to Catholicism in the first place. And it is a shame that this sentiment is popular here in Rome. To make Catholicism into a religion free of objectives is to make it no different than religious secularism.It's no more than moralistic therapeutic Deism.


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