Tuesday, March 10, 2009

False Dichotomies and Soteriology.

I go to a Protestant prep school, a good one I might add, and today during lunch I was cleaning out my locker a bit. I overheard the theology teacher lecturing the juniors on soteriology. he posed one question, and it seriously sounded ridiculous.
It was about whether God is sovereign over salvation, or it's up to us.
Said false dichotomy was that he says that if God does not totally and completely control salvation, than it means that we totally and completely control our salvation. That means that we save ourselves, and that's against the bible. I let it go, but I think he's wrong to say that you're either an Infra- (Or who knows, maybe even Supra-) lapsarian , or you're a Pelagian. There are no other views. Do not pass go. Do not collect 200$.
It's quite a shock that given his extensive seminary training (he's working on a doctorate) That he's not heard of Arminianism of Molinism. Maybe he has, but discredits such a view.
I can't describe my views on said subject, as I've simply given up trying to understand it. I have some general ideas, but it's nothing cohesive, and I'm bound to change them.

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