Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Kool-Aid is wearing off?

I was reading a popular local newspaper on Monday, and I was seriously, totally shocked at two articles contained therein. The first was an article about America's financial situation which toward the end entertained the possibility that the current regime doesn't know what they're doing. A second was about the president's war policy, and dared to question that he isn't really the peace candidate, and thall all those promises to remove troops were cover-ups. The last, and my favorite, was one which states quite unequivocally, that the media was obsessed with Pres.Obama when he was just a cndidate, and did all they could to promote him, even going so far as to ignore or supress obvious failings of his while doing all they could to make known everyone elses. (Something they're still doing: Ignoring his back-pedaling and hypocrisy,for example, when he attacks his opponents for a supporting a particular policy, then supports it himself, for example.) Another complained about the misuse of bailout money (Let it be said that I knew this was going to happen. I'll see if I can reference the post.) Saying that he though that Obama was supossed to fix this.
It's such a surprise: The media being almost objective.
(I say almost because they screwed it up what the pope said again in order to get a headline. What is this? tenth time in a row?)

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