Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I was planning to go to daily mass throughout passiontide, but I woke up late on Monday. I went today and received communion. Looks like they've instituted the 'benedictine altar arrangement', as some modern liturgy-geeks are calling it these days.
Got to school early to pick up my cell phone that I lost there, and a teacher has had for several days. Get this: he told my dad, but despite seeing my several times a day, never told me that had it.
I call senility.
Term paper nearly due and I still have only three pages plus my thesis done. I'm looking over the propers for holy week now, and wondering what to do for holy Saturday's lauds hymn Tibi Redmptor Omnium, as there is no tune for it. It's one of Vaganinni's re-workings, and there is no Antiphonal for the 1969 breviary yet. (Yup, still waiting for it. Since 1969.)
I can't seem to get my colored pencils and my latest artwork in the same place. Either I have one or the other, but not both.
Latest issues of Sporting News and Shonen Jump have arrived. Full color manga pages. Nice. Comment on the first magazine later.
It looks like my camerais surely broken, so I don't know about the photos. And I was going to prove my PODness with a photo of my home altar with the crucifix, triptych, and holy cards veiled in purple.

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