Monday, March 23, 2009

Lenten Look back.

So, I'm half-way through lent. I've avoided the things I gave up, and mostly kept up the practices I took up (daily rosary and chaplet of the Five Precious Wounds.) I've been reading The Imitation of Christ, which I can't fail to recommend to any and every person who wants to grow closer to Jesus. Read it twice over and pray the prayers inside, go to communion and pray to put it in practice. I'm at chapter 14 of book three now, and I'll try to pick some sections in book four for Maundy Thursday.
The little carved shrine I have has been closed since vespers of shrove Tuesday. I'll open it up for Lady Day this Wednesday. Because it's closed, the images of the Sacred heart and Our Lady are gone, and I have the image of Our Lord in his passion. I only have two holy cards on my altar, S.Joseph and S.Micheal. I would have liked to do some almsgiving but there's seriously no money for that anymore. So I've just tried to pray for others more in it's place. I've been trying to be nice to Mrs.S, a teacher at my school who seems to pride herself on making people angry at her. And she took my Tolkein because I was reading it in class after I had finished my work and was allowed to do what I wanted anyway.
Conclusion: I want Easter to come so I can have a nice cheesteak, cookies and creme ice cream, and maybe cheesecake. We had some last Wednesday, but I had to miss it. D:

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