Monday, March 9, 2009

Oh No! It's the Second Week of Lent!

That means it's time to start learning all the chants for holy Week.
It's so much to learn what with tenebrae antiphons at lauds, the psalm tones, the ant. Christus factus est, etc. I know most of the stuff used during the masses and Good Friday Mass of the Presanctified. What I don;t know is the office. I've always sung it either on one note or psalm tones. I went over Maundy Thursday and Lauds of Good Friday.
Interesting thing to note, the last antiphon at Lauds (Crucem Tuam Adoremus) Is nearly identical to the Mysterium acclamation at holy mass ( Mortem Tuam Anuntiamus) So througout the year, the sacrifice Our Lord made on Good Friday is perpetually linked to the mystery of the sacrifice of the mass.
Love it.
I wish there were a recording of the tenbrae office somewhere (It does'nt matter if it's the older office. 99% of the 1969 holy week offices are simply taken from the 1962 breviary.)
When are we going to get an antiphonal or a Liber Usualis for the 1969 breviary and missal?!

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