Friday, March 13, 2009

Stations of the Cross.

Twelfth Station of the Cross at my parish

Tonight was my first stations and benediction of this lent. I missed the first two because I was sick. It was a good turnout, a little more than two-thirds full. Three servers as usual, but with a friar acting as MC. "O Sacred head Sore Wounded" was the hymn at the beginning. The verse and response V.We adore you, O Christ, etc, was sung before each station.
Prayers for the Pope were said. I really tried to remember the holy father for this part. I can't imagine the stress he's been under lately, so I've been trying to remember him at my masses and rosaries lately.
The sermon was great. I can't but compare it to a bad homily I heard at a local down town church on Wednesday evening. That priest made some movie references and a joke, neither of which seemed to relate to the readings. In fact, I don't know if the sermon had to do with the readings. It was long and rambling, and seemed to have several unconnected main points.
Fr.Matthew's sermon, however, was concise, relevant, and easy to follow. It effectively used a story as well.
Props to him.
So after a short few minutes of silent meditation, benediction of the most blessed sacrament. No bells, probably because I accidentally broke one set on Epiphany.
Again, my bad.
Parce Domine was sung afterwards. I love that our organist never ends hymns when the priest enters or leaves the sanctuary. That means that we get to sing all the verses of whatever hymn is sung.
An Illegal rendition of BWV533 followed, played on the antiphon division of the organ. I practiced Ichh ruf zu dir, herr Jesu Crist, and my self-composed/work in progress Toccata as well. I've changed it a bit, added some double pedaling , switcing manuals, and some pedal trills. More on that later.
Lastly, I met Fr.Matthew's brother afterwards.

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