Friday, March 27, 2009


I have a small but significant collection of old Catholic books.
I was happy about adding the Daily Roman Missal to my collection, which along with my 1945 Stedman "My Lenten Missal", 1965 St.Joseph Daily Missal, and 1975 St.Joseph Sunday Missal make up my collection of hand missals. I also have some liturgical books: the original Book of Catholic Worship, from which the modern Worship hymnal is descended from. I had until recently a 1924 Kyriale in modern notation, and a few St.Gregory hymnals, and a book printed in 1932 containing modern motets and mass settings, mostly from Italian composers, but I donated them. I have a small missal printed in 1967 that has the rite of mass as authorised by the bishops of the U.S. I also had an original copy of the 'Missa in honorem S.Ioseph' by Lodewijk de Vocht, but the church I borrowed it from wanted it back. (To be consigned to a dusty clutterred choir loft, unused for another 50 years while they use 'Gory and Craze".)
I have devotional manuals as well: A manual of devotions to Our Lady of Fatima, published in 1946, a prayer card with information from "The Queen's Work" (I would love to have more information on this group if possible.) The Three hour's Agony Service, printed in 1922, a leaflet about the love of Jesus and Mary, printed in 1955, as well as many, many holy cards.
I hope I can soon add some more things to the collection.

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