Saturday, March 21, 2009

Joe sometimes does retarded things.

So I'm recovering from my bout with Senioritis by doing some weekend work on my term paper (Including re-writing my thesis. It was okay but not really forceful considering the subject.) I'm killing myself about the number of note cards: 150. D:
So I have 60-70 done, and I decide to do another 20 (I work in twenties when I do note cards and twos when I write pages. Just a weird quirk of mine.) I pick up the packet of directions ( seven pages of single-spaced directions, including some diagrams. Dude is real specific about how he wants this done) to check if my format is right, and I notice that it says:

Notecards: 75-100.

Yes, it's on the front page of a packet that I've had since February.
And I never noticed it.
Even after I did 60-70 cards.
And I've looked at it repeatedly.
Someone should give me a Darwin Award.

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