Friday, March 6, 2009


Because it's lent and I've given up meat again. I think I might give up sweets too, but only after I've finished off the Frosted Flakes and blueberry waffles. We're not in a position to waste food like that.
Do you know how hard it is to find meatless dishes that are somewhat palatable without being so good they're practically not Lenten food? It's a hard balance to find, so I've mostly been eating plain pizza, fries, ramen, and plain potato chips. I'm trying a plain stromboli tonight for dinner*. I've also had chicken fried rice with the chicken picked out and given to the cat**, and this disgusting pasta mix-thing my dad got for me from Trader Joe's. I had grilled cheese after Ash Wednesday, but I think it was those sanwiches that gave me the Death Sickness that makes certain things taste like gasoline. Yes, I'll admitit, I broke down last week when I was sick and had chicken soup. On a Friday no less. I think I'll pick uo some chicken-flavoured ramen cups, and a couple yakisoba and this-other-flavour-I get-from-the-Korean-grocery-shop-whose-name-I-don't-remember.
I want to try some meatless lasagna too, but there's no mozzarella around.
Unfortunately, other than cereal, I've mostly had to omit breakfast. D:
It's almost time for vespers, then dinner.
Not going to the youth group meeting tonight. I'm too tired to serve mass, and I can't dance anyway. You know, racism aside, I'm the rare black peson who's mixed enough that he does'nt have any rhythm. (They're doing salsa dancing.
*I usually get steak, fried onion and peppers.
** Aparrently under the pre-83' rules, working-class people and sick people were dispensed of the requirements anyway, except on Fridays.

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