Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Allright guys, put on your Thinking Caps,

And help Joe solve his gigantic dilemma. You see, after I got back from my weekend away at the friary during the Octave of Easter, I found that besides the blessings of the Resurrection, we had received another blessing: Our/my brother's cat, Dahlia, had given birth to five kittens. Which was okay while they were small, but now, nearly two months later, they can walk, they can meow quite loudly, and today, they started eating solid food. 

Now, I can't have seven cats. It's out of the question. To tell the truth, we haven't even told my mother that there are five kittens in the house, and now they're growing up. I never planned to keep them, but now I've got to start making some sort of move.

The problem is this: The PSPCA doesn't seem to take strays, and the Morris animal shelter will 'humanely destroy'. as they put it, any cats that don't get adopted. And the animal surrender form makes you promise not to come back to get your cat. So I'm screwed there. And I don't know of any other place.

So guys, your mission is this: Help Joe to find a shelter for the kittens that will either:

A) Not kill them

B) Allow me to take them back if no one adopts them.

In the unlikely event that you find one that does both, that's even better. But yeah, please help.


Michael said...

Do you have the provision that we do in supermarkets to publish notices and announcements? People advertise jobs and place requests for people to do household jobs, and things like that. That might be a good place to advertise. I often wonder whether I'll turn into the old lady with 17 cats.

Joe S.R. said...

No, I don't think so.There's always Craigslist or one o the local newspapers.
I found a couple of places, but both are full right now.

My family are convinced that they'll see me on the news some day getting 30 cats removed by the SPCA.