Sunday, May 30, 2010

Trinity Sunday.

The Feast of the most Blessed Trinity.

Today, after the sung mass at Lourdes (Thanks to whoever decided to schedule 'Thou, whose almighty word' One of my favourites. <3)

Then, after a short break at home, off to S.Clem's for solemn vespers and benediction. I had planned to be earlier , but SEPTA, as usual, decided that today was a fine day for my train to be late. Still, I got there in time for a short time of prayer before it started. And, it wasn't until then that I realised that I have, in the entire two or so years that I've been regularly singing lauds and vespers (at home), I've been singing two wrong notes in the vesper hymn 'O lux beata Trinitas'.Darnit, and here I have been going on not realising that I've been making a note natural where there's nothing in the Liber that says to, or that I've been starting the second strophe on the wrong note. *Sigh*

Then home, and dinner to cook. And we have Athanasian creed at Prime today. Part of me of me only wanted to recite it because someone I know hates it. They say you can read it as requiring specific doctrines to be a member of the church, or to go to heaven. Duh, man. Welcome to obviousville, here's your tax forms and avoid Ms.Lorraine. She thinks her yogurt talks to her at night. 

Anyway, I was going to post some parts of St.Athanasius' Letters to Serapion of Thmus,  but I lost the think.

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