Thursday, May 20, 2010

The quest is finished.

Or nearly so.Most of you already know of my blaringly obvious interest churchy-type music. Somehow, some of you don't know of my interest in my other favorite genre of music. I don't know how, Just click the tag 'musical interludes' and you'll find post after post of metal and punk music. Somehow, I think the brothers thought I was'nt serious when I told them that that's my other type of music.
Anyway, the quest to find a new bass is nearly over.Because, Sam Ash has the one I want and have wanted and have had numerous awesome musician's daydreams about, usually involving me being at a concert of a band I like and then the entire rhythm section suddenly comes down with Spanish Influenza, so my best friend and I take their place for the last song, but then I get influenza and die suddenly.[/tangent]
Now, I'm a bit afraid to start playing again. It's been, what five years since I even had a bass to practice on? And even then, I was'nt very good. But oh well, it's an investment in my music.

On a less calm note,On the fourth day, Joe discovered the band Trash Talk, and he was glad.

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