Tuesday, May 25, 2010

*Saws off a limb*

*Re attaches it with duct tape and Gorilla glue.*

Yours truly is working on a little project. See, I need a new prie-Dieu for my home oratory. I already have one, but it's not made for people my size. Yes, even someone short like me. You see, I got it form a local Episcopal church that was restoring their children's chapel (It was 'refurbished' in the 50's in some really gawdawful colors and furniture.) The one I got is only about two and a half feet tall, which means that If I use it,It's only waist high, and it kills my back to use it.

Anyway, I'm making my own. I already have the bare bones of it done.Unfortunately, the shelf I made to hold books, I cut too short.I have to make another trip to Lowe's to buy some moulding for it, and the actually thing that you kneel on hasn't been upholstered. And I need to find a nice dark stain to match the table and bench that I already have in there. (They're very dark cherry; almost black.) There are one or two nice little things I'd like to add to it, but you'll see it later.

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