Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Another preview.

For some reason,when I scan it, the contrast between the light and dark colors of the skin is much sharper than it is in real life. I'll have to edit the scanner settings. Other than that, I have to belnd some of the colors on the skin, color the fruits on the Tree, and do the sky and halos. Then it'll be pretty much finished, unless I fan find a way to fix Eve's right arm. (I trying to get her skin to be dark and tanned, you know, "I am black but comely, etc, etc, as a prefigurement of Mary.) The arm is the worst part of the figure, though really, If I blend it and go over it with Light Peach a few times, it ought to look good. I'm just happy that for the first time, the colors came out as bright as they really are. Usually when I color my inked worked, the lineart bleeds into whatever I'm coloring, and I get black smudges that darken my colors when I try to even it out.

More on how I fixed that later.

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Anonymous said...

Its so beautiful. The colors look really nice. I wish I could draw like you!