Monday, May 31, 2010


Three weeks. Three weeks. That's how long I've been waiting for my request for criminal record check to get back. Nothing. Nada. Zip. Whay? There's Nothing on it! I've not so much as been fined for littering, and it takes them three weeks to say that I've never done anything whatsoever.

And speaking of that, I hate today. This day is terrible. I hate it. You see, I had so much planned today, May 31st, the feast of the visitation. But hey, guess what!? Today is Memorial day. A National Holiday. A stupid national holiday. So the notary's office is closed, and the post office is closed,and the Health and Human Services office is closed. Basically, everything that I was going to do to finish my application by today is gone. Poof. Up in smoke. And why did the idiot at the doctor's office schedule my appointment for the 31st, when he had to have known that the 31st is a holiday, and the office would be closed? Why? Why do that to me? So I went down there for nothing. And now, I have to submit an unfinished application, thanks to the many idiots of Philadelphia. 

Thanks guys, you screwed me over.

In their defense though, I did think I had till the 2nd, so maybe I should have submitted it earlier.

At least the stupid Selective Service website finally accepted my social security number, after the umpteenth time submitting it

And you know what I expect? I expect that tomorrow morning, after they have left to present the applications, the criminal background check will come in the mail. [/Rant]

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