Thursday, March 20, 2008

confession lines..

I went to confession yesterday, because, Cardinal Rigali and other priests were there. And I was shocked. I came early, examined my conscience, saw a friend get conditionally baptized, and waited for the confessors to arrive. There weren't many of us there. At least then. By the time I was ready, there were already lines for the confessionals, and by the time that I went to the altar rail to do my penance, the lines went all the way to the back of the church. There were people in the pews waiting, because there wasn't any room to make a line. And when I left, there were still people coming in. It's great to know that besides the fact that I'll get thousands of new brothers and sisters in Christ this Easter, and even greater to know that those who already are my brethren are coming into easter reconciled with the lord. Maybe it was the jokes that we should find some sinners and bring them to church. Or maybe, it was the Holy Spirit working in the hearts of his people.
either way, I have more posts to put up today, and they aren't at all serious.

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