Sunday, March 9, 2008

I'M SERIOUS...NO REALLY OK...I want my eclair.

*Note: All mispellings were done purposely, because I think mispellings are hilarious.*

Ok,so theres this guy, and he's got a baby, and the baby was like "you dude! get me some McNuggtes!" and the dude was like "Hey! you put the 'e' in thw wrong place in mcnuggets!" and the bay was like "You, I wants meh McNuggtes! Now or I's gonna ea tchoo! AND THERE'S NO 'W' in 'the'" and then, this lady was like playing a harp made of colorful candies, and there was some random slice of bacon next to the dude and the baby is was like "I can has Candies!?" and she was like ":Sorry your not my type." and the bacon was all emo, so he went to Wendy's and got made into a Baconator which was eaten by pam anderson. Ok , so back to the baby: he like got the mcnuggets, but they were hot, so he made them dance for him till they colloed off, and they were like " Is the tv on?" but they ignored him so he was liek "IS THE TV ON!?" AND THEY WERE LIKE "NO!" But they were watching the brady bunch, and troy woke up in pee the next morning. Ok, so Queenies the bog like popped out of the sofa, and the aunt was like "QUEENIE NO!! MAH BEYBEH!1!!!11!ONE! AH QUEENEH! " And she was deppressed. So next, troy got mad because harpo beat her, she got him back. And then Mr. tried to make Shug breakfast, but he blewed up the kitchen with kerosenes and the food was nasty, so the stove-lady was like "I AINT NEVER DUN NOTHIN TO YOU PEOPLZ!!!!1" and soBrown was like "But you ain't never done nuthin for diddy!" and cora was shouting, so that girl fell in the coffin, and there wasd a cake.
Ok, back to the baby: He gets pancake disease, and he turns into a pancake, and was liek "Run run as fast you can! you can;t catch me because I'm similar to the Pancake man, but he's copywrighted!" and then a fast saketboard dude caught him and ate him. So liek, Wayne brady was like "I make Bryant Gumbo look like Malcolm X, and Dave got shot, so here comes some guys in Cassock-Albs, but they got struck down because it says in II Ecclesiantice 1:22 "Cassock-Albs are an abomination unto the LORD. I shall Smite thine children, even unto the fourteenth generation if thou shalt ever wear them.Likewise polyester and any music written after 1970 that was'nt written by Colin Mawby are abominable unto the LORD thy God." Ok, so because of that, like a certain priest who's a liberal gets struck down liek firty five times, but I won;t say Father O'Leary's name to protect his identity. Ok so like the baby was like IM INTO NUGGETS YO!" and the baconator came alive and was like "YOU BOY GET OVAH HERE!" and the baby was like"boy is a white racist word!" and then Rick james was like "SPAMSPAMSPAMSPAMSPAMSPAM!!!111!!ONE!" and then Pam Anderson said "You're not from monty python!" and Rick was like "Yeah, well that's why you got divorced and you're fat!" and then I was all serious and saind "No serious WHERE'S MY ECLAIR." AND BO-Bobo was getting all stabby, so we died, and The baby threw up the McNugets. The End.

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