Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My Childhood is on Youtube!!

Well, not literally. But searching youtube, I found that almost every T.V. show that I loved as a kid is there. Oh yeah, you know them:
Muppet Babies

Eureka's Castle

The Busy world of Richard Scarry

Gullah Gullah Island!

Rupert bear! (By far, my number 2 most favorite show)

Little bear! (My number one favorite show. I loved this more than any other show)

Now, I was much too young to remember anything about it, but my parents tell me that as a teeny tiney baby, we would watch Maya the Bee.

Now, those are just the ones I watched as a baby till I was a todler. When I was six or seven, my tastes expanded to:

All That

In the ninties, every kid watched this. If you did'nt, you were a nerd.Everyone rembers the conversational french lessons that told you how to insult people, and the lunchlady that loved peas and would assault you if you did'nt.
Now, I did'nt watched this, but since my sister watched us after school, shoe would turn to Clarissa Explains it All.
But even now (Because it stoll does come on) I love Rocko's Modern Life. It wa'snt until now that I've grown a bit that I realized that some bis were a little (Like the episode where Rocko is being deported because he's an illegal immigrant, but he marries his best freind Filburt so that he can stay in the states.Yeah, gay marriage.) I was'nt much into it, but I did watch AAH! REAL MONSTERS! But I did love Tiny Toon Adventures ! Now who could'nt love that song? It's so addicting. And we all know that Elmyra had mental problems. She was'nt just a pain, she needed medication. And some time in a good institution.
Now of course, everyone watched Rugrats. I hope God gets full revenge on whatever nitwit decided that they should be all grown up. They definitely suck now.
There was Doug, which I which they would bring back! (Of course, there's many more there!) I can;t find any vids of the Angy beavers, But I still remember the episode where they went into one of their favourite Halloween movies for the Halloween special, and that hilarious dialogue:
*Lady running with the beavers from a monster, falls*
"Ow! My ankle! It's sprained!"
*The beaver brothers make her run, holding her. She falls and slows them down again.*
"OW! My other ankle!*
*Brothers carry her again. She falls, the monster draws near*
Dagget: "Maybe we should just cut the damn things off!"
*Norbert drags the lady along*
Of course, theres MUSCULAR BEAVER!!!!111ONE!!
But most of them are gone. You can still see some of them in the summer during th eafternoon, and some still come on in the early morning (3 AM to watch Rocko anyone?)
I guess this video sums up everything I watched as a kid. What happened to nickelodeon?! There's nothing good, and I miss my old shows! If anyone knows of anyway that I can get DVD's of any of those shows ,contact me! (in the combox or by my e-mail)
Have I forgotten anything? What do you remember?
Ol, good Nickelodeon: Requiescat in Pace.
(If I find anymore, I'll definitely make another post!)

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