Thursday, March 13, 2008

What the Heck is going on?

One of my favorite blogs is (Was?) What Does the Prayer Really Say? Yes, I can admit it. I think Fr. Z is funny. Anyway, here comes yours truly, minding his own business, going to visit the blog, so I click This And, well, obviously that is'nt his blog. That's not even A Blog! I don;t want to buy an apartment,or a house, or a used car! I don;t want to go to a dating site and meet some person who's really a 45 year old stalker with a foot fetish! I don;t want to go to Las Vegas, or Hawaii, or buy any kind of accessories! I want to go to Frickin' Fr z's blog, and read some Frickin' posts about moving St. Joseph's day to another date too Frickin' late for anyone to know. And this is what I see.
Next thing, they'll cancel the Big O, my favorite old anime. OH wait, they did that already.(emo)

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