Saturday, March 22, 2008

why can't many protestants understand what this verse means......

.......But an atheist I know can understand it? I'm talking about a verse in Corinthians that I use as evidence for purgatory, but most protestants wil disagree saying that that interpretation us hermeneutically errant. But randomly wandering around the Extended Discussion section of gaiaonline ( Yes, I have an account. And I use it all the time) and what do I see in a topic about "bible thumpers"? Speaking of not being charitable, he says:

"Does it being a sin negate salvation? It's mentioned in another part of the new testament that one's works will be tested in fire and all at life's end- and that those who built their lives from (figurative) straw and such would survive only as those escaping through flame. This interprets, in my mind, that after salvation one does not lose salvation to sins, but is simply made to feel a bit o' pain and suffering before they go on to heaven. (Similar to the Catholic idea of purgatory mayhaps?)"
Wow. Catholic hermeneutics still rule.

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