Sunday, March 2, 2008

I served my first mass today!

Yes, more exclamation points.
Well, I did,unexpectedly. I came with my hand missal and my manual of pryaers, expecting to stay in the pews as usual. But one of the servers couldn't come, because he had a football game. (Don't ask me why football is a valid reason to miss mass!) So I was the thurifer, which is good because that's the only thing I'm good at!
So I out on my violet cassock, and embroidered surplice, and gloves. Then off to the sacristy to stand awkwardly around whilst the choir warms up, and I wait for the coals to light. Then more awkward standing as we wait for the service leaflets to be passed out. So the sacristan pulls the bell, Father says the Verse and response (V. Procedamus in pace! R. In nomine Christi,Amen) and yours truly leads out with incense to "The master came to bring good news." Unfortunately, I forgot the parish rule to take the procession slowly so that there's time to repeat the introit of the day.Other than that, I struck the bottom step of the altar with the thurible at the first incensing, and forgot to button the final button of my cassock.
Otherwise, everything was great,music especially. A good anthem and a good motet, one by Byrd, the other by some random guy whose name I forget. And another hymn that I've never heard of (Called simply, "Forgive us our sins.")
Did I mention that today was going to be the day that I was going to tape the mass to put on youtube? Oh well, the choir will be singing again on either the fifth Sunday of lent or palm Sunday. (Second Sunday of the passion) So I led out at the end of mass, got to the back for the other verse and response (V.Prosit! R. Pro omnibus et singulis.) and then wait for the final hymn to finish to go back to the sacristy, de-vest, and go round the church picking up service leaflets and hymnals to put away.
But all in all, it was very spiritually uplifting, better than serving for stations of the cross and benediction which I did last Friday. Sorry, I hate to say it, but it was a real pain.


Anthony said...


Which one of the two surplices that you were considering buying did you end up getting?

Felix culpa said...

One like the second. I got it from a store in Philly that sells clergy stuff and vestments for a little more than $100