Thursday, March 20, 2008

Holy week schedule and Ordo Musicae at Lourdes

The folks at The New Liturgical Movement Have put up a post about Our Lady of Lourdes' holy week schedule. I posted it in the combox, but I will also provide the ordo musicae that will ne use. Please come if you're in the area! we want a big turnout!

Palm Sunday, March 16th

Mass - Saturday 4:00 PM; Sunday 7:30 AM (Tridentine Mass), 9:00 AM,
10:30 AM (solemn sung Latin), 12:15 PM (solemn procession) and 8:00 PM.

Wednesday, March 19th

Confessions - 7:00-8:30 PM (Cardinal Rigali and other priests)

Holy Thursday, March 20th

Mass of the Lord's Last Supper - 7:30 PM.

Adoration in Church until Midnight

Good Friday, March 21st

Church opens at 8:00 AM
Tenebrae (Recited) - 9:00 AM
Confessions - 12:00 PM-2:30 PM.
The Passion; Veneration of the Cross & Holy Communion - 3:00 PM
Outdoor Stations of the Cross at St. Charles Borromeo Seminary - 7:30 PM

Holy Saturday, March 22nd

Tenebrae (Recited) - 9:00 AM.

Blessing of Easter Baskets and Food - 3:00 PM
Confessions - 2:00 PM-4:00 PM
Easter Vigil Mass - 7:30 PM (Adult Choir)

Easter Sunday, March 23rd
Mass - 7:30 AM (Tridentine), 9:00 AM, 10:30 AM (solemn sung Latin) and 12:15 PM
Holy Thursday:
Entrance: As Thou at Thy first Eucharist Didst Pray
Mass for three voices;William Byrd
Gloria: Gloria de angelis
Ubi Caritas, Maurice Durufle
Communion:Hoc Corpus (Chant)
Hymn: O Food of exiles Lowly
Procession: Pange Lingua (Chant)

Good Friday:
Gradual:Christus factus est pro nobis
Reproaches: Popule Meus, Tomas Luis de Victoria
Communion: Adoremus te, Christe; Theodore Dubois
Hymn:Draw near and take the body of your lord
Vexilla regis prodeunt

Easter Vigil:
Isaiah 5:1,2 (Graduale Romanum)
Sicut Servus, G.P. da Palestrina
Aperges: Vidi Aquam,(Graduale)
Communion: Pasha Nostrum,(Graduale)
Regina Caeli, Gregor Aichinger
Recessional: Be joyful, Mary.
[rant]Of course, a certain person going by the name of 'stigmatized' had to comment. He loves to make hasty generalizations about the archdiocese, and when given counterexamples, simply ignores them and keeps his old point. He complains about the liturgy everywhere, even in the places where they do use polyphony. So, when countered with OLL, he simply nitpicked. "the thurifer isn't wearing gloves in one of those pictures.", he says. "They shouldn't be using a cross from the 14th century.", he says. "They put lots of flowers on the Easter altar. They look ugly.",he says. Not finding anything significant to complain about, he points out small, insignificant details. Then he has the audacity to insult our thurifers, I especially. So apparently, when hasty generalizations and red herrings don't work, try our new personal insults! Now with 25% more fallacious reasoning! I'll have him know, he may insult my intelligence, but he may not insult my duties as a thurifer. I can do 180's, 360's figure eights, among other things. I can turn sharp corners easily, and an stop a swinging thurible with ease. Before he can have the right to complain about how liturgy isn't done just to his liking, let's see what he's done:
Working with the choir? Nope
Preparing servers?Nope.
Buying vestments? Nope.
How about creating floral arangements? Nope.
Does he have a better large cross that he's willing to give us? I doubt it.

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