Friday, March 7, 2008

I'm serving mass on Holy thursday........

...But I'm not sure what I'm doing. Now, I'm Josiah Ross. I'm guessing that (c) Means candles, (+) means cross, and (i) means incense. So I see the acolytes, the crucifer, and the servers with six torches for the consecration/procession.But then there would be three thurifers, and the only time we use more than one thurifer is on Corpus Christi, when we have four or so. So could this be the magic moment when we use more than one thurifer on a festival? Don't know.
From the e-mail:
March 20, 2008, Holy Thursday:
L. Uhlmann (c), J.P. Hare (c), J. Hare (+), John Shiiba (i), JR Brice (i), Josiah Ross (i); J. Tate, N. Furton, T. Shiiba, D. Stewart, M. Shiiba, H. Trahan (all Torchbearers); *all other young men will be taking part in the Eucharistic Procession

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Anthony said...

With three thurifers, there will be plenty of smoke to lift the prayers up to heaven.

Good luck with the Mass.