Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Because it's almost plagiarism....

I've been watching these videos to help myself with improvisation/hymn arrangements. This guy's amazing. I mean really, listen to Duke Street or Diademata for instance. aside, some kind person e-mailed me a link to some free downloadable sheet music a day or so ago, so I'm set! Now, I have to talk to Fr. Navit at St. Francis de Sales about letting me practice there, and if that does'nt actually work out, there's St. Donatos, or I could ask Fr. James at Lourdes. Really, I need a place with proper reeds and some kind of 32' pedal stop. Off to practice!

Great. I walk two blocks in the snow and ice for practice, and what do I find but that the priest, the secretary, and everyone else at the church have given themselves the day off. So no one's there with the key. I swear, next time I go to practice I'm sending my brother to the hardware store with the key to make a couple copies. I've had ust about enough pf these people randomly canceling my practices, having other choirs and musicians practice at my time, or simply not showing up with the key, all without bothering to call me before I walk all the way down there.

So I got the music, but these guys are giving me grief with practice.

This was my propsed music for the day:

Dialogue, Andante and Toccata in C minor- (My own composition)

Fantasia from BWV 542-Bach

hymn tune " St. Anne", with variations by me.

humn tune "Nicea" and improvisations.

Complete the Gloria and start the Santus from my Missa Prima for organ and five-part choir.

Random Improvisations.

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