Friday, January 16, 2009

How Retarded is this?

I can't beleive how much of a social stigma it is to be a Philadelphian who did not vote for Obama. I'd like to avoid the inflammatory words, but that's It. I quit. Let's just be real here.
In the past week , I've been given no less than two projects where I was expected to extol the virtues of Obama. When I said that I did'nt support him, I was disbelieved. I mean, does'nt Everyone love our new Lord?
*That's just this week. During the campaign , the speech teacher had us watch Obama in debates, meorize is adresses and speeches and deliver them, and the "Multicurtural Video". I didn't talk about this one before, I don;t think. Basically, the after The One gave is speec after winning the election, the speech teacher printed the speech and had students of different races and sexes recite different parts.
Ha, like hell I was going to do that. But I do have my little tricks and loopholes. Like, during American History, I replaced "Democrat" with "Socialist** when describing him.
At an assignment where I was supposed to list ten Changes that The One would bring, I used ten Negative ones instead of the expected positive ones. The teacher marked me down a grade for it though. Mom and dad (both of whom are supposedly pro-life but not only are incosistent with their views on civilian terrorism, but also on the situation in Gaza.) subtley are kind of embarrassed when their friends find out about me. A young black kid, should I be absolutely raving over Obama? And I know a little about politics, should'nt I be loving his policies? I don't want to turn this into a rant, but during a free period I debated with a teacher over this. I supect that he came in with low expectations of my skills, but I think I proved myself a good oponnent. His weasel words and appeals to emotion, as well as suppressed evidence did'nt get by me. He seems to beleive that Aerica is;nt in any danger of real economic troubles. Unfortunately, a lot of scool faculty are either oblivious to any danger or hope that he'll fix it all. Of course, I don't subscribe to this BS.
For this, I' a bit proud to wear the stigma of a non-Obama supporter.
Yay Me!
*Well, it's true. I'd say any idiot knows it, but then again, he won so I guess there are some in La-la land who don't.

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gemoftheocean said...

Stick to your guns, Joe. I suspect you've got good company like Dr. Rice and others. Good for you for not getting on the Demo plantation they'd like to put you on!