Sunday, January 18, 2009


I just read this about Obama's concert on another website:

"CNN is now claiming that we will have to purchase HBO in order to see the concert because the new president sold the broadcast rights for 5 million dollars. I thought that all the artists were donating their time."

“2:30 pm/ET: HBO presents We Are One, a star-studded celebration on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. BeyoncĂ©, U2, Bruce Springsteen, Steve Carell and Jamie Foxx are among the well-wishing celebs expected to be on hand to perform and read historical passages.

7 pm, ET/PT and 11:30 pm, ET/PT: The show will be rebroadcast to cable and satellite subscribers as an open feed.”
TV Guide On-line

Now for the comments:
"I thought he was going to be the president of all people not just those with money!"

"That is just great! So a live feed for those that have the money to purchase HBO and regular folk have to wait. I have never heard of any other president pulling something like this. So are those with money going to get special favors from this president? I thought there was going to be change we could believe in."

"It turns out that only half of America will have access to this live concert because Obama wanted to make 5 million dollars. And a lot of this 50% - the poor and middle class voted for him."
They LOST. FAIL. He's not change, if his throwbacks from the Clinton era passed them by. He's showing his true colors, preference for the Liberal Socialist elite, and they're all shocked and appalled. It's wrong, I know, I'm praying for the president and those who supported him, but how could they be so oblivious? It's only funny because they're shocked at the obvious.
This is the kicker:
"We hired Obama to lead us, not entertain us."
To which I can only say....
You could have fooled me, with all the talk about his looks, how he talks, his speeches, and the general cult of personality he has. He's a celbrity. Celebrities entertain.

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