Sunday, January 11, 2009


Relics at S.Peter's Basilica on All Saint's Day.

I've often wondered where people get relics from. Not just priests, there are lots of laypeople, even some I know who have them. I'd like to have one some day, maybe of one of my patron saints, like S. Nicholas of Tolentine, or S.Cecilia.( Or the rarest of all, of the True Cross. Greely and McBrien will recant their heresy before I get the last when.)
Interestingly enough, and yes, I'm, outing you guys, when I walked into the sacristy this morning before mass, there was a whole mess of reliquaries on the top shelf of the vestments cabinet-maybe about 12 of em'. Two had relics , and the rest were empty. I've never seen them before, so I suppose they're new.They were shaped like This.

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