Friday, January 30, 2009


Well, it's true. Unfortunately, a lot pf priests and bishops don't realize they;re often the cause of Catholics leaving the church. I get very, very angry when I think about all the beauties of Catholicism that many Catholics never know. They never know the beauty of truth, and they leave. Or worse, they do know, but cognitive dissonance gets a hold of them, and they leave. Indeed, sometimes the only reason I respect certain bishops is because of their apostolic authority. Otherwise, I'd be glad to indulge myself by calling them spineless self-serving fools whose interest is more in PC-ness and monetary gain than spreading the gospel. In fact, by my definitions, I'd say most American bishops are politicians I mean really, look at the USCCB and tell me that it does'nt work like a political party? The constanc concessions to the liberal elite who currently run the place, the crowd pleasing, the definitions-that-don't-define-anything. Fortunately, the Biological Solution should give us a chance to fix everything that the boomer generation screwed up in it's misguided and narrow attempt to be 'relevant.' Give us 20-30 nyears and things will be better.

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