Friday, January 9, 2009


I overslept. But I figured I'd be okay, it was only 7:00 anyway. Okay then, so I leave the house at 7:35, just in time to get to the end of the block and see my bus drive past. A block away.Without me in it.
But I figured I'd be okay, it was 7:40. I'd be a little late for school, but I could take the subway. So I take out my breviary and say lauds during the 10 minute walk to the subway station*, stopping by a store to get some daily caffeine. I get there just in time to see my train go past, and realize that I don't have my SEPTA pass anyway. It's 7:53. But I figured I'd be fine.Okay, new plan: go home, get pass, grab an apple tart, catch a different bus, catch a different train and miss most of my first class. I get home and look at the clock.
It's already past 8:30.
And I knew I failed. That's it. Game over. The jig is up. You missed a day of school again. All because you wanted apple tarts at 11:30 the night before, and just had to make some.
*Slams head on the desk repeatedly*
* Yeah, about that. The nearest subway station is only a three minute walk, and a skateboard ride of one minute. But , they're rebuilding it so it's been closed for months.

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