Saturday, January 24, 2009

One reason.

That I didn't join the Franciscans.


Catholic Teen said...


How ironic- For you to suggest St. Mary's, I have been there before and it is on the top of my list! and St. Charles- the patron saint of my home parish. lol. I know I still have time, cause I'm only 15, but it's never too late to start looking, especially when it comes to a life commitment as this would. I just don't know whether I would want to go to college before or not. I truly don't think I want to, I feel as though it would be "repeating" high school all over again. (i know not really, but why spin my wheels for another 2-4 years when I could go into something I KNOW I want to go into)

I just feel like this is where God wants me to be, there's no questin to it! It just is this hard gut feeling I've had since the 5th grade. (I'm sure you can relate)I am leaning more and more to going straight to seminary after High school- to get out there and do, and learn, and serve what God is calling me to do. Not monkey around.

Thanks Again! You are in my prayers.

In Christ-

gemoftheocean said...

Nate and Joe: By all means go for it. If you think you have a vocation, get thee to a seminary, and know that the laity has you in their prayers.

[Joe, have you thought of the Benedictines? I've never met a Benedictine flake. They seem very well balanced between manual labor, intellectual pursuits, and devoting to God in everything they do.]

Joe S.R. said...

Yup, I've thought about the benedictines. In the end, I picked a little-known order with a great history. (They ransomed Christians from Muslims in the middle ages.They took (and still take!)a vow that, if there's no money, to give themselves up in exchange, either being martyred of living in slavery.(how awesome is that?)
They also don't seem to have any radical heretics like every other order, and are doing great taking care of my parish.